WEDOO, Singapore

Remote freelancing platform

Invest in a remote freelancing platform designed for high-skilled teams hiring.

Fundraising goal:

1.100.000 EUR

Elevator pitch

Employers find it difficult to hire a ready solution for complex projects using remote work marketplaces today, while freelancers find it difficult to scale beyond their area of expertise and find trusted partners to collaborate on bigger projects. Wedoo is a freelancer human cloud network with the end-to-end hiring and secure payments facilities of a marketplace. We are the simplest way for employers to engage top-quality, bespoke solutions to complex projects, that require high-skilled freelancers of diverse skillsets working cohesively and reliably in teams.

Daryl Tan, Managing Director of Wedoo Pte Ltd.


  • Established by industry professionals with over 15 years of experience running and managing firms in the remote work market.
  • $150,000 invested in the project so far by the founding team.
  • State-of-the-art blockchain technology on which we have built our community freelancing platform.
  • Developed freelancer network prototype scheduled to go online in January 2020.
  • A first-of-its-kind freelancing platform in the remote work market.
  • High-growth market still in its early stage where the market leader captures just 0.3% of the addressable market.


  • Managing Director, Co-founder
    Daryl Tan

    Daryl presently heads Dodgehound Media Pte Ltd, a business solutions firm which he founded in 2015, building and managing remote teams for MNCs and SMEs to develop and execute business growth strategies. Prior to this, Daryl was a journalist working across Asia’s top news organisations for 7 years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, with a double major in Psychology and Business Management.

  • Operations Director, Co-founder
    Dennis Tan

    Dennis has been an account director in the branding industry for 11 years, managing projects in both the private and public sectors and co-founding several successful ventures in industries such as events management and education. He presently serves as the Operations Director of Dodgehound Media Pte Ltd.

  • Technology Director, Co-founder
    Dr. Stefan Beyer

    Stefan obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and has been involved with distributed systems research for 15 years. Formerly the Head of Research and Development for cybersecurity company S2 Grupo, Stefan now heads his own technology firm, Cryptonics, in which he manages remote technology development teams to deliver bespoke solutions for clients. He has overseen over 20 decentralised application projects.

  • Finance Director, Co-founder
    Ömer F. Güven

    Ömer has been in the VC, Investment Banking and Asset Management industry for more than 9 years, starting his career with the Warburgs in Equity Research/Sales. In his last appointment, Ömer served as Investment Director and Head of Mergers & Acquisitions for Fram^, a publicly-listed Swedish-Vietnamese Venture Builder. A Chartered Financial Analyst Level III candidate, Ömer is now pursuing his PhD in Blockchain.

Fundraising Goal

Investment Goals
  • Build on the present advanced prototype to develop the full web platform in Jan 2020.
  • iOS and Android mobile app development, with a target July 2020 release.
  • Kickstart R&D for development of platform improvement initiatives, such as Enterprise Work Cloud.
  • Build up a 45-strong sales team and dedicated digital marketing team that will win 20.000 client projects for us by our second year of operation (2021).
  • Direct recruitment and online marketing initiatives to grow our freelancer base to 90.000 by second year of operation (2021).
Use of Funds