Electro Mobility Franchise

Fast growing franchise stores for electro mobility.

Fundraising goal:

500.000 EUR

Elevator pitch

Trittbrett Helden is an opportunity to dominate a completely new market in a niche that is not really perceived between bicycle and motorcycle stores.

Martin Wos, Founder of Trittbrett Helden


  • Established an successfull store in Bochum.
  • In the planning of 4 additional stores in Germany.
  • Own e-mobility products In the development.
  • Operating in the fastest growing sector in electric mobility technology.
  • Developed a franchise cocept with the plan of 100 stores in Germany.
  • Estimated income this year 1.000.000 EUR.


  • Founder & COO
    Benjamin Nemli

    After an exit with his last company, Benjamin is now managing director of the Trittbrett Helden. He is running the store in downtown Bochum, he records customer calls, process orders, carry out repairs, assemble vehicles and advise customers in the store.

  • Founder & CEO
    Martin Wos

    Martin is a electrical engineer and passionate entrepreneur. His tasks at Trittbrett Helden are the introduction of new products and brands, the optimization of processes and company structure, as well as the strategic design of the company.

  • CMO
    Peter Schmidt

    Peter is responsible for marketing, the online store and customer support. In the past he has already built an online store for a large company in China.

  • Head of Sales
    Georg Wahlicht

    Georg is the sales manager and responsible for the new stores in Germany. He has already opened stores for Loius and Jack Wolfskin in the past.

  • Asisstant of the management
    Johanna Sworobowicz

    Johanna take care of all the tasks that come up, starting with shopping for the store, window dressing, tax preparation, taking orders, customer phone calls, adding items to the online store (which is growing day by day), creating blog posts etc.

Fundraising Goal

Investment Goals
  • Establish new stores in Germany (each store 50.000 EUR).
  • Buy new products for the stores that are existing.
  • Establish the brand TBH with own products.
  • Scale revenues to 10M EUR by 2022.
  • Creation of a central reapair garage for all franchise partners.
Use of Funds

Hello! We are Trittbrett Helden

Together with our team of experienced heroes we want to become Germany’s largest online and offline store for electric scooters.

We list the best quality electric scooters after they have been extensively tested for quality and customer satisfaction in our Trittbrett Helden store. So we are the kind of heroes, for all those who need great electric scooters in best quality with heroic service.

Story - How did Trittbrett Helden come about?

We ourselves are a team of experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs with the professions of engineer, salesman and marketer. Over the last 10 years we have been able to build up our heroic knowledge in the areas of product service, product development, quality control and marketing / sales of new products.

With our company Mega Discounts, we are already selling all kinds of electronic items through marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. We noticed that with a focus on e-scooters on the Internet but also in the real world, there is no store or online store that is based on the needs of customers and offers a heroic performance at fair prices. Most of the time products are simply put online unlovingly without offering the customer any real added value.

Here we want to make a decisive contribution with Trittbrett Helden and make it better. Our focus is only on e-mobility, i.e. the sale of e-scooters, e-bikes and the like.

We are growing and are looking forward to welcome you as part of the Trittbrett Helden community.

For whom is Trittbrett Helden?

Trittbrett Helden was created for e-scooter junkies, hoverboard nerds, electric scooter enthusiasts, Pensioners who need an electric vehicle and just for all those heroes who want to ride electrically at up to 160 km/h. Every day we give our best and support you in your transition to electric mobility. From the collapsible electric scooter without helmet obligation to the electric scooter with road approval, we offer everything the electromobile heart desires in our online store and our store in Bochum.

The change from a vehicle to an electric vehicle does not necessarily have to be accompanied by the purchase of an expensive e-bike or electric car. Trittbrett Helden offers e-scooters and e-scooters with energy-efficient brushless hub motors and lithium batteries. These are a real alternative at a low price. Due to the long range of STVZO compliant vehicles, the way to work can be covered with almost no emissions. Trittbrett Helden offers only low-maintenance e-scooters from established and high-quality manufacturers such as SXT, Ninebot, Metz Moover, MIKU, Viron Motors, Nitro Motors, Cruzer, Velocifero and Geco. Our portfolio is completed by accessories of all kinds. Helmets, chargers, transport bags and a wide range of spare parts.

We would like to invite you to a free test drive. Visit us in our store in Bochum or order your electric vehicle free of shipping costs in our online store and make your own small contribution to environmental protection with Trittbrett Helden. It pays off for you, too: On average, you only pay 30-50 cents per 100 km with an energy-efficient electric vehicle.


  • What does your company do?

    Trittbrett Helden is a young company that delivers high quality e-scooters, e-scooters, e-bikes and e-motorcycles. Our first store has opened in Bochum and in the next month we will open two additional store and more are in planning.

  • Where will your company be in 5 years?

    For this year we are planning 5 TBH stores and next year 20 TBH stores. In 5 years we are optimistic to have established our goal of 100 stores including pop up stores.

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