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Get connected to the Top 1%

of the best Investors & Investment Deals

Block Stocks is an exclusive network of high profile Investors and pre-screened Startups & SMEs.

Startups and SME’s

Each company is unique, but all businesses have one thing in common. They need capital to grow.

Foreign expansion, capital expenditures, financing new ventures, product diversification or even simple refinancing, the need of capital may differ, but in the end it is all about a fundraising.

Block Stocks Capital exists to answer this need.

Our fundraising platform brings together the large network of business angels, high net worth individuals, family offices and venture capital funds.

All of them awaiting for the most interesting, profitable investment opportunities among interesting startups, fascinating Small and Medium Enterprises or mature corporations.

How does it work?


Enter the Block Stocks Capital and sign up your company’s account.


Answer few pre-qualifying questions in a short survey.


Schedule a call with our Corporate Finance Team and talk about your business.


Our Corporate Finance Team will perform a due diligence of your company and prepare an investment offer directed to our Block Stocks Capital Investors database.


Investors indicate interest in your business and your company gets funded.

Key advantages

for SMEs

  • Free access to the constantly growing network of investors.
  • Effective matching process between the right business and the right investors.
  • Only targeted investment proposals directed to pre-qualified investors interested in your company.
  • Don’t waste your time for meetings with wrong investors. Block Stocks Capital will set up meetings only with pre-qualified investors expressing strong interest in your company.
  • Block Stocks Capital offers consulting services in the areas of legal, finance and marketing – everything you need to close the most exciting deals.