SPARBATZE, Switzerland

Swiss pension planning platform

Invest in a Swiss challenger fintech aiming to disrupt the pension planning industry.

Fundraising goal:

1.000.000 CHF

Elevator pitch

Sparbatze aims to disrupt the pension planning industry by offering state-of-the-art, cost-efficient and tailor-made investment portfolios for Switzerland. Unique insurance and investment offerings, cooperation with a Swiss cantonal bank and strong partner network make us a true challenger aiming to digitize and democratize efficient retirement planning.

Oliver Steeg, Co-founder of Sparbatze AG


  • Developed front-end of the pension planning platform.
  • Established market-proven investment strategies utilizing cost-efficient financial instruments.
  • Established personalization algorithms for tailor-made investment portfolios based on clients’ investment profiles.
  • Established cooperation with a Swiss cantonal bank.
  • Strong partner network and board of advisors including a state bank, insurers, attorneys and investment advisors.
  • Booming industry - the Swiss pension market (pillar 3a) counts 12B CHF new investments every year.


  • Co-founder
    Oliver Steeg

    Experienced manager with over 20 years of experience in Banking, Investment Sector, and Robo Advisory.

  • Co-founder
    Ivan Sosio

    Serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in Banking, Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Sales.

Fundraising Goal

Investment Goals
  • Finalization of the Minimum Viable Product of the pension planning investment platform.
  • Establishing marketing & sales teams.
  • Product launch in Q2 2020.
  • Reach the break-even stage in 2023.
  • Generate 6M CHF in revenues in 2025.
  • Generate 2M CHF in EBIT in 2025.
Use of Funds

Our Team

  • Founder & Chief
    Executive Officer

    Martin Wos

    Martin Wos is an serial entrepreneur with two exits, investor, German engineer and founder of Block Stocks Swiss AG. Martin Wos did his engineering with a focus on automation, where he supports customers such as Lufthansa and Mercedes Benz. He also holds an MBA with focus on international strategies, sales management and international entrepreneurship and completed a blockchain program at the University of Oxford.

    At the age of 15 he founded his first company, which was followed by others. With Block Stocks, he counts as the visionary for which he was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur Award 2018 in Switzerland. Martin Wos also enjoys the trust of crypto investors, where he has advised crypto money with a total volume of 280 million USD in the past. He is an international speaker, advises various start-ups in strategy and corporate development and is a member of the Crypto Valley Association.

  • Chief Financial

    Przemysław Zając, CFA

    Przemysław Zając, CFA is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of one of the largest groups of financial websites in Poland, providing services to over 30.000 individual investors. He holds a CFA designation which is one of the most prestigious licenses in the financial world.

    He is an expert in the fintech vertical and has extensive experience within the financial industry. In his career, Przemysław has been providing consulting services to numerous businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to seed stage startups around the world.