SPARBATZE, Switzerland

Swiss pension planning platform

Invest in a Swiss challenger fintech aiming to disrupt the pension planning industry.

Fundraising goal:

1.000.000 CHF

Elevator pitch

Sparbatze aims to disrupt the pension planning industry by offering state-of-the-art, cost-efficient and tailor-made investment portfolios for Switzerland. Unique insurance and investment offerings, cooperation with a Swiss cantonal bank and strong partner network make us a true challenger aiming to digitize and democratize efficient retirement planning.

Oliver Steeg, Co-founder of Sparbatze AG


  • Developed front-end of the pension planning platform.
  • Established market-proven investment strategies utilizing cost-efficient financial instruments.
  • Established personalization algorithms for tailor-made investment portfolios based on clients’ investment profiles.
  • Established cooperation with a Swiss cantonal bank.
  • Strong partner network and board of advisors including a state bank, insurers, attorneys and investment advisors.
  • Booming industry - the Swiss pension market (pillar 3a) counts 12B CHF new investments every year.


  • Co-founder
    Oliver Steeg

    Experienced manager with over 20 years of experience in Banking, Investment Sector, and Robo Advisory.

  • Co-founder
    Ivan Sosio

    Serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in Banking, Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Sales.

Fundraising Goal

Investment Goals
  • Finalization of the Minimum Viable Product of the pension planning investment platform.
  • Establishing marketing & sales teams.
  • Product launch in Q2 2020.
  • Reach the break-even stage in 2023.
  • Generate 6M CHF in revenues in 2025.
  • Generate 2M CHF in EBIT in 2025.
Use of Funds