Fast growing craft brewery

Invest in the fastest growing craft brewery in the booming Portuguese market.

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Fundraising goal:

1.500.000 EUR

Elevator pitch

Algarve Rock is the largest and fastest growing craft brewery in the booming craft beer market in Portugal. In our first 12 months of brewing, we have created 7 beer types including a stout which won Best Beer award at the prestigious blind tasting at Trujillo, Spain 2018. Our first BrewKiosk will open in July 2019 in sunny Algarve with a series of BrewBars in planning.

Gary Hosmer, CEO of Beautiful Bubble Lda


  • Established by a serial entrepreneur who founded and exited two startup projects.
  • 850.000 EUR invested so far to build 32.000 litres per month capacity with auto-bottling line.
  • Revenue generating stage with sales in Portugal, UK, Italy and Sweden, with expected 300.000 EUR sales in 2019.
  • Breakeven since April 2019.
  • Backed by the leading industry brewing consultants.
  • Best Beer award at the prestigious blind tasting contest at Trujillo, Spain 2018.


  • CEO, Co-founder
    Gary Hosmer

    Successful entrepreneur who founded and exited 2 startup projects, was involved in the development and patenting of various types of production equipment, his company invention was exhibited at the Millenium Dome in 2000 as one of the top 100 British inventions of the 20th century.

  • CMO, Co-founder
    Neil Conchie

    Serial entrepreneur and experienced business & marketing Manager, co-founder of, a dominant player in UK booking software market.

  • Consultant Engineer
    António Manual Vilarinho Rocha

    Former Head Brewery Engineer at Carlsberg (UNICER / Super Bock) responsible for managing two startup drink companies: REFRIANGO soft drinks in Nigeria and SODIBA brewery in Angola which he built from greenfield to 1.5M hectolitres beer output per annum.

  • Consultant Brewer
    Ekaterina Demianova

    Former Brew House Manager of Heineken SCCB, Portugal, Head Brewer at REFRIANGO and SOGIBA in Angola.

Fundraising Goal

Investment Goals
  • Production capacity expansion from 32.000 to 90.000 liters per month.
  • Effectiveness improvements in the areas of packaging and bottling.
  • Canning introduction to diversify offer, enter new sales channels (eg. supermarkets) and boost export.
  • Open 8 BrewBars in Portugal.
  • Grow net profits to 3.000.000 EUR by 2022.
Use of Funds